Vera Kryllova

[cml_media_alt id='341']vkryllova[/cml_media_alt]I was 28 years old and I had a serious injury to my spine. I couldn’t even sit, stand or put my shoes on. I was depending on someone to help me, which was very difficult. I wanted a solution, not just to suffer. I started literally soak up all the information about treatment options, alternative medicine, physiotherapy, various exercises etc. with a hope to be quickly healthy. It didn’t happen overnight, it was a long journey, a lot of tears, but slowly the results came. And what about yoga? I remember my first lesson, I was excited. I felt wonderful, me and my spine was smiling. After some time I applied for the course to become power yoga instructor and I started studying at the Power Yoga Academy of Mr. Václav Krejčík.  I love yoga and I enjoy it very much. Yoga has helped me. For me is the way that I want to go and still improve. I am so happy when I see how yoga helps also other people.

Additional studies: Nutrition Specialist, reflexology course, spine spiral stabilization course with Dr. Smíšková, educational seminars in the Centre of Natural Treatments with Dr. Hájková, yoga  workshops with domestic and foreign coaches.

I look forward to seeing you