Lenka Jarosova

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My name is Lenka Jarosova and this is my motto; “Try everything while you can, because then, it’ll be too late”.
In yoga, I search for harmony, relaxation of the mind, love and happiness from living. I specialise in a dynamic form of yoga – power, vinyasa in my lessons and never leave out the importance of stretching of all parts of the body before each series Asan. I build on physiotherapy and gently include corrective exercises that focus on loins and shoulders, which bear most strain and stiffness due to our bustling lives. Thanks to several injuries that slowed down my hyperactivity, I personally learned and experienced how yoga and the correct form of breathing with Asan can reactivate our bodies’ healing abilities and potential, which I personally experience and share with others.
I have certainly been influenced by great teachers such as Láďa Pokorný, who awoke my passion for Ashtanga-yoga.  Others to mention, Andrea Smékalova, Katka Novákova, Katarína Mikulandova and Vasek Krejcik who guided me through my early years in his course. I constantly seek improvement even from foreign teachers such as Georg Woginger, Bobbi Missitti, Boris Georgiev,Kamal Singh,Milan Galata,Zdeno Yogi and pass on their skills.

I look forward to seeing you