Morning PowerYoga
Start your day with Morning PowerYoga and get energized for the entire day. Dynamic morning yoga equalizes muscle imbalance and you are going to feel refreshed and full of optimism. You’ll stimulate your internal organs and thus prepare your organism for the daily exertion. Greeting “the Sun” and other “spirituals” support muscle stretching in the context of morning yoga and will assist you in cleansing your nervous system.

Pilates is a targeted form of exercise which helps strengthen and tone the body and forms a firm and optimally chiseled body. Mental concentration and breathing techniques, which you’ll learn in the course of the lessons facilitate limber movement and improve your body awareness. Pilates exercise is suitable for beginners and advanced individuals of all ages. The Pilates method concentrates on strengthening deep internal muscular structures, which cannot be activated by conventional exercise methods. This results in a firm and flat tummy, firmed up, pain-free backbone and a limber body posture. All exercises encompass the symbiosis between the body and the mind.

The main goal of PowerYoga exercise is stretching and strengthening of the entire body. In the course of the exercise, basis yoga positions are regularly repeated and thus muscles are strengthened, followed by stretching and relaxation. Regular exercise results in a trimmer body, reduction of subcutaneous fat and overall mental improvement and concentration. PowerYoga facilitates correct function of the internal organs and processes in the entire body and develops your psychological and physical condition. The individual positions firm up holistically the total muscle mass, strengthen weakened muscles and stretch shortened ones. The notorious problem areas including stomach, legs and thighs/buttocks are firmed and sculptured.

VinyasaYoga focuses on dynamic symbiosis of the yoga position and breathing techniques, paying particular attention to coordinating the movement with the breathing rhythm. In the course of the exercise, the entire body is oxidized and warmed up. In addition, this exercise and breathing facilitates flexibility and cleansing of the organism, as well as mobilizing against fatigue, anxiety and stress.

Kundalini Yoga
According to Yogi Bhajana, it is a tradition combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques. It is RajaYoga, which combines eight forms of Yoga into one, resulting in excellence and ecstasy. Kundalini literally means a coiled stream of hair of the beloved one. The metaphore refers to the flow of energy that exists in every one of us and enables us to coalesce with the universal consciousness. The coalescence of individual and universal consciousness creates the divine unity, called yoga. This sacred technique was kept hidden for thousands of years, only passed onto very few chosen trainees until 1969, when Kundalini  master Yogi Bhajan statrted teaching it publicly.
This, so called Yoga of Consciousness focuses on one’s self-awareness and the realization of our highest consciousness. The Kundalini technique is science about the mind and the body, which leads to a limitless state of inner peace. This is why this form of yoga is suitable for everybody. For centuries, the Kundalini yoga has been viewed as the way of everyday people, practiced by working class people with children as oppose to the standard, habitual and celibate yogi way of living, free of all material things.
The ultimate goal of Kundalini yoga is the full awakening of our human consciousness.

Gentle Yoga
Focuses on enhancement of suppleness and articular mobility, engagement of muscle strength, concentration of the mind as basis for undiscerning Yoga exercises. These exercises are suitable for both beginners and advanced. The sessions are designed for preventative stretching as we as strengthening of the back and all its related parts, toped off by a short relaxation in order to maximally connect with your body. Our breath works as a link between the body and the mind.

Activating – the hips for the loins, the shoulders for the chest and cervical spine
Strengthening – of the abdomen, the inter-scapular muscles and the pelvis
Stretching – of muscle groups to tone down excessive spinal deformation
Traction – a repetitive flexing of the spine, mainly in the loins area
Rotation – activating the spine especially in the upper part of the chest and scapular area