Our studio offers depilation, cosmetic treatment, moisturising, cultivating and lifting treatment, problematic skin care and much more.
We use French cosmetic products True Delight and depilatory sugar-pastes Pandhys.
For more and booking, please contact us at +420 722 442 777.

Cosmetics – price list ( prices may vary )

  Pandhys True Delight
cosmetic, moisturising, cultivating and lifting treatment 980,- 1.300,-
problematic skin care 980,- 1.300,-

Sugar paste depilation – price list (may vary)

Arms 250,-
Armpits 200,-
Calves 350,-
Full legs 700,-
Groin 300,-
Brazilian depilation 700,-
Facial depilation 200,-
Eyebrows/eyelashes dyeing 200,-

The brand PANDHY’S has been on the Czech and Slovak market since 2002 and has first introduced a revolutionary hair removing technique when the hairs are removed in the direction of the growth. The result is a hair removal with almost no painful effect. Our competition has been trying hard and unsuccessfully to imitate our very own sugar paste, which remains inimitable.

In Paris, 2006, the PANDHY´S™ hair removing sugar paste was awarded by the European Innovative Appraisement PIERANTONI, while no other such products even existed.

The PANDHY´S™ line has been enlarged by several other products that can find their use in both professional but also home conditions. However, our products are primarily designed for professional use.